Eduardo Basualdo: Free Will

09.06. – 01.08.2020

Press Release | Pressemitteilung

Eduardo Basualdo
Voluntad (Will), 2016
Metal gate, motor, rail; 220 x 780 x 160 cm
Eduardo Basualdo
Párpados (Eyelids), 2013 / 2020
Viole curtains inside und outside of windows
Eduardo Basualdo
Mar Abierto (Open Sea), 2013
Clock without figures on the floor; 4 x 30 x 30 cm
Eduardo Basualdo
Pasado y Presente (Detail), 2016
Pen and silkscreen on paper; 60 x 46 cm

Excerpt from the poem „Truth is the only reality“ (1973) by Argentinian Francisco Urondo, translation: „From the other side of the grille it is reality, from this side of the grille it is reality, too, the only unreal is the grille“
Eduardo Basualdo
The Room (from the Pianito series), 2015
Fingerprint ink on graven paper; 40 x 30 cm