art forum 2009

Daniel Jackson Are you tired of the tide? The starting point of this show as well as most of the works of Daniel Jackson’s can be found in the anarchist punk music scene. From this beginning point he creates a bleak stage which finds its visual basis in the aesthetics of dystopian Science Fiction.  Most importantly for this exhibition and forming the basis of Jackson’s ideas is the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy, thumb published in 2006.  The Road is a science fiction novel describing an almost impossible journey taken by a father and his young son over a period of several months, across a landscape blasted shortly before by an unnamed cataclysm. Trying to reach the coast, the father hopes for a better living near the ocean. With the installation Are you tired of the tide?, Jackson wants to point out the end of two important eras for humanity: 1.    the assumed end of the medium of the vinyl record 2.    the end of the environment as we know it The scenery of the Are you tired of the tide? is mainly composed of pulverised vinyl records and the following works: 1. A large scale print on a vinyl outdoor poster of a palm beach, which he has taken from a gatefold LP record cover. The record taken has been a sampler of tacky pop songs, called Summer Nights. The image of a battlefield scene, appropriated from a World War 2 era American LIFE magazine cover, is woven into the positively connoted image of the palmtrees. 2. The repetitive sound of the so-called Run-Out-Groove acoustically spans the whole exhibition. This is the scratchy, clicking sound created when the needle of a turntable reaches the end loop of a vinyl record,. 3. The two acrylic paintings based on the war ship camouflage refered to as Dazzle.